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Companion Care

Companion care services are designed to bring comfort, socialization, joy and support into the lives of our senior clients. Whether it's a friendly face, a helping hand, or a caring conversation, an enthusiastic companion caregiver can make a positive impact.

Seniors who stay socially engaged experience a greater quality of life compared to more solitary seniors. They also have better mental health, lower tendency to develop depression and reduced cognitive decline. Companion care focuses on social engagement and emotional support, as well as friendship and socialization. 

Our caregivers provide seniors with conversation, mealtime companionship, and camaraderie during their favorite activities. Completing tasks together helps clients and caregivers form lasting, meaningful relationships.

Our companion caregivers can engage with the client in a variety of ways including

  • Conversations

  • Doing a puzzle together

  • Listening to music

  • Coloring and drawing

  • Attending religious services

  • Reading a book together

  • Taking a walk

  • Attending a fitness or wellness class together

  • Going to see a movie or a play together

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