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Indiana Pathways for Aging Info & Resources

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Indiana Pathways for Aging - Caregivers

Indiana Pathways for Aging - Caregivers

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Information about the Indiana Pathways for Aging Program


The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration will launch a new program in 2024 for Hoosiers aged 60 and over who receive Medicaid (or Medicaid and Medicare) benefits. Research shows that most older adults want to age at home. Or they want to age independently in their communities. The State believes 75 percent of Hoosiers who join the program will be able to get long-term care at home.  

Who qualifies for the Indiana Pathways for Aging program?

 PathWays is a managed care program for Indiana Medicaid members that are:

  • 60 years of age and older

  • Are eligible for a full-coverage aged, blind or disabled category

  • Can be receiving long-term support services including:

    • Resides in a nursing or long-term care facility

    • Are approved for an Aged and Disabled waiver

  • Can be on the Behavioral and Primary Health Coordination program

How do I sign up for the Indiana Pathways for Aging program?

First, you must sign up for Medicaid. If you're approved for Medicaid, and you're 60 or older, you will then be enrolled in a Pathways program with one of the managed care entities (insurance companies). You can choose from Anthem, Humana and United Health Care. If you're under 60, you can still quality for Medicaid but you will be enrolled in a different program because Pathways is just for seniors 60 years and older.


Seniors can apply for Medicaid several different ways including:

  • Click here to apply for Medicaid using the online application

  • To apply by phone, call 1-800-403-0864

Why should I sign up for the Medicaid & Indiana Pathways for Aging program?

By signing up for Medicaid and Indiana Pathways program, you will be entitled to additional health insurance coverage that will help to cover several things including

  • Careworthy's Home Care Services

  • In-Home Care Assistance

  • Prescription Medications

  • Necessary medical equipment

  • Home modifications

  • Home care coordination

  • Home-delivered meals

  • Adult Day Services

  • Personal Emergency Response Systems

  • Transportation

  • And more

What if I already have the Indiana Medicaid Waiver and already receiving caregiving services? 

If a Hoosier senior has already been approved and issued the Indiana Medicaid Waiver, currently managed by CICOA, then they are already approved for Pathways. It happens automatically. The senior will receive a letter in the mail explaining the Pathways program. The senior will need to select Pathways (Medicaid) plan. There are three different plans they can pick from including Anthem, Humana and United Healthcare. This will have no impact on our Medicare coverage. Your Medicare coverage will remain unchanged. This is just about your Medicaid/Pathways coverage.

With Pathways, older Hoosiers can pick a health plan. And that plan will help them to get the services and support they need to live as independently as possible. The program will not change or expand Medicaid benefits. This plan does cover Personal Care Services and pays for a caregiver to come in to assist clients with activities such as light housekeeping, laundry, cooking, education reminders, running errands, as well as personal care including bathing and dressing.

Who do I contact for more info on the Indiana Pathways for Aging program?

To enroll in Indiana Pathways or to ask any questions, call 877-284-9294.

Can I have both Medicare and Medicaid at the same time?

Yes, many Older Americans have both Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare is insurance for individuals of a certain age regardless of their income levels. Medicaid specifically helps provide insurance for low-income Americans regardless of their age. So, low-income seniors would be dually eligible for both programs. See below to see how this works.

Medicare vs. Medicaid Infographic - Understanding Dual Eligibility. Compares Medicare and Medicaid.

Important Facts

  • Medicaid for seniors in Indiana is now called Indiana Pathways for Aging

  • Low-income seniors can have both Medicare AND Medicaid

  • Seniors contributed to both of these programs when they were working and have every right to access the assistance they need in the older years

  • Medicare does not cover in-home care assistance such as help with bathing, cleaning, cooking but Medicaid does

  • Medicaid can also help with the cost of expensive medications needed to remain healthy and well

  • Medicaid can help with cost of your burial expenses but Medicare does not assist families with funeral expenses

  • Medicare Part A does not cover transportation to medical appointments but Medicaid does pay for medical transportation

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