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Wellness Calls

Careworthy offers Wellness Calls to seniors and those living with a disability. These calls are a sort of companionship for the client. They help those who are alone or isolated to stay connected while living independently in their own home.

We currently offer two types of Wellness Call plans:

  • Check-in Calls

  • Conversational Calls

Check-In calls are brief calls made to clients to simply make sure everything is okay. These touchpoint calls can include reminders to eat, to hydrate and to take medication. It can also be used to see how the client is feeling, to remind the client of any upcoming doctor's appointment and address any immediate issues.


Conversational calls are more in-depth. These calls are longer and allow the client to socialize and talk about their lives, their families and current events, as well as share memories.


The goal of these calls is to give the client a sense of connection. We know that socialization, even by phone, can improve a senior's quality of life and mental well being. Studies show that isolation can lead to depression in seniors, but having a phone call to look forward to can give the senior a sense of joy and help to stave off cognitive decline.


Clients can choose the frequency and duration of these calls and there are packages to fit every budget. For more information, give us a call today!

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